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my friend was just not getting it, so I did all this to visually explain. figured I’d share for anyone else confused. 

he deliberately made jawn stand behind that building, told him several times to stay where he was and keep his eyes on him. The sniper would have been trained on john not sherlock so it wouldve made it easy to fall into the truck, toss a body out and then wrap up and have the truck drive off while whoever the people were (even if they werent the homeless network, they would’ve taken the body into the hospital where molly could do her thang) scraped him off the sidewalk.

I still don’t know how the other snipers knew not to shoot, but whatever. 

The Molly-Body theory fits in perfectly here 

YES. I was trying to explain this and nobody understood what I was saying.


Indeed. And thank you for the visuals too!

Don’t forget, the kids that Moriarty kidnapped freaked out when they saw Sherlock, so presumably Moriarty had some kind mask to make him look enough like Sherlock to instill that fear in the children. If Sherlock somehow had access to that mask then it could have been used on the corpse.

The other option is the fact that we know Watson was openly suggestable to Sherlock’s words while under the effect of the drug in “Hounds of Baskerville”. If the cyclist that ran into Watson had introduced that drug into his system, then Watson would have likely seen what he expected to see; Sherlock dead on the pavement (sidewalk). The use of MoD drugs & covert injections also implicates Mycroft.

(Source: absurdgo)

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