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[Photoset: Three images of a cosplayer dressed as rule 63’d Steve Rogers, wearing a white shirt with an eagle emblem, dog tags, khakis, and tall brown boots. She is shown outdoors in a city, sitting on steps and sketching in a notebook.]


Stephanie Rogers ~ peachesandsushi

Part of our fem!Avengers cosplay photoshoot.

So simple, but I love this!! XD




more Capt. America TFA helmets stenciled…straps getting added this weekend…..go to for info 

Just having thoughts, but how cool would a Daredevil cowl made up like this with the chin strap and a more realistic look be

That would be pretty awesome

I think bringing more realism to human superheroes, like Daredevil, is always good thing! =)


Steve Rogers || Captain America || PB: Chris Evans || Avenger || TAKEN

The apartment room was in semi-darkness. Heavy drapes hid the last rays of the setting sun while a single desk lamp cast a pool of amber light over a mess of scattered photographs and drawings. In the background an old style radio, its oak case restored and polished, played big band tunes in a low volume.

Steve Rogers sat down at the desk and picked up one of the photos, sepia stained and age cracked, as his wooden chair creaking in protest at the sudden change in weight. He gazed at the collection of faces, as familiar as his own, smiling and grim as they posed in front of a destroyed HYDRA tank. His Howling Commandos; lost to all but memory now.

The sharp *clink* of glass on glass interrupted the sounds of Glenn Miller’s In The Mood as Steve poured whiskey into a waiting tumbler. He raised the glass in salute, still holding the photo, and smiled sadly.

“Happy VE Day, fellas. Sorry you couldn’t be here.”