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Why i am really pissed off (about gender roles and bad teachers)


This is my kid and she is 5

She wanted to take hulk with her to school today, and she was so happy that i took her pic. he love avengers, she watched the movie multiple times, and she always asks me for their action figures, especially from Black widow and Iron man but  unfurtunally She only got the Hulk one that was from her older  cousin  (not only because  i´m broke but also i cant find any black widow anywhere)  but thats not why i´m really freaking mad…..

As soon as she got to the school her teacher looked at her, and with wide eyes and a disgusted voice and said

You, with a Hulk doll? well that is surprising

so i immediately stepped in and asked the teacher to please pay attention during play time, because i didnt want her to have a hard time with the boys,

after i picked her up the teacher told me that everything went ok.  that my baby had gave the toy to the boys and went to play something else.. that struck me as really weird, because Nico was really exited about playing with her friend and his Capitan america. so on the way home i asked what happened 

They took him away and didnt let me play with them because i´m a girl, they also trip me so i fell during P.E, but i didnt saw who did it. 

She also told me that the teacher did Nothing, not even when she fell and cried….

But the worse part is that she spend all the 40 minutes back home hugging her hulk and givng it kissed and telling me how she didnt want to take it again to school because she doesn’t want her friends to be mean and take it away again,  but my heart really broke  when she asked me

Could you please take care of him tomorrow when i will be on school?

 he is brave but i dont want him to be alone

Now we will sit to watch Avengers again with a bucked of pop corn and the hulk.  but i know that will be a long long time before i manege to convince her that she doesn’t have to hide the fact that she loves this heroes, and that the problem is with the other boys not with her. 

My daughter is seven and love comic books and superheroes. I can completely sympathise with this situation, and have seen this kind of bullying happen with her. It’s disgusting how, when you try so hard at home to avoid the bullshit of gender stereotyping, the school staff seems to think it’s fine and normal. 

Give your daughter a big hug from us, and let her know that in my daughter she has a comic book sister over her in England that wants her to be a hero too. =)

Paul & Ella.

The Incredible Hulk


So, there was finally a decent film on TV tonight called The Incredible Hulk and because I haven’t actually seen any of the Marvel films (or read the comics for that matter) I decided to watch it and…it was just…the story is…I loved…I basically haven’t lived for the past 16 years 361 days!!! Why is it none of my friends made me sit and watch these films?!?!?! Bad “friends”!!!! ;)

OMG!!!… If you liked that, you’re going to freak out over Iron Man!! XD

"How come Bruce didn’t have the Hulk under control on the carrier???"


Because he was in a daze. During the attack he must have bumped his head or something which probably frenzied the Hulk.

If he didn’t get put in a daze he probably would have been able to keep Hulk under control.

Actually, I think it was Loki’s sceptre that affected him and everyone else. If you watch the scene with them all together in the lab, they’re all becoming more agitated and aggressive towards each other, which I believe is due to the influence from the sceptre and part of Loki’s plan to seed mistrust between the heroes.