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This makes me want a video game about a zombie apocalypse that only affects men so it’s up to the housewives of 50s’ America to save humanity.

…saving this idea for class.

i would play the heck out of that game, it is an amazing idea.

Also can there be a character design screen so you can make your little housewife?

I think it’d be entertaining to see what guys could come up with for making their female-selves. If you ask me.

I would so play this game. 

I would suck at it but I would play it.

I’ve never played a zombie game, but you got me at 50’s.

Hngggggggg I love 50s clothes give it to me

OMG I already thought of some sort of premise:

In 1953 a certain laboratory on an undisclosed location developed a serum that could genetically modify humans, giving them enhanced speed, agility, strength, and brainpower.

Scientists found a way to modify the serum such that it could only activate itself in the presence of a Y chromosome, thus isolating the effects to men, mostly because of female discrimination at the time.

The serum was a success, and sales skyrocketed just a few weeks after its release.

What the developers did not anticipate, though, was the human body’s incapacity to handle the serum. The mental and physical over-exhaustion triggered a mental decay which starts out slow, but speeds up exponentially within a few months after usage of the serum. The brains of the users are left with only the most basic survival reflexes, transforming the users into strong, fast, agile, emotionless human shells, devouring any mobile life form in their path.

Bites from the affected individuals could place copies of the rogue serum into the bodies of the bitten, giving them the symptoms. Shortly after, the serum evolved into a sort of genetic virus, causing mental decay in just days. No one was safe. No one…

…except the women.

*cue in epic music*

Can you imagine the shitstorm this game would cause. I’d laugh pretty hard.

Would still play it though.

Not gonna lie, I’d play the shit out of this.

I approve of this concept 100%

Mintly’s Magical Guide to Cardboard Mastery


Cardboard is a really amazing material to work with, once you know how. At first it seems to be pretty useless—inflexible and weak. But the truth of the matter is that you really only need to know how to make it work with you, and then you have a medium with which you can do pretty much anything, including make lightweight, stable props!

So here’s my guide to basic methods of manipulating cardboard. Note: This is a beginner’s guide so it’s really simplified! But still, this should help someone out there with no idea where to start!

Read More


I love working with cardboard for all things and people who feel like trying their hand at inexpensive but effective props could do worse than reading this tutorial! =D


Various Artists
Schrödinger’s Cassette
(CS2 Recordings)

Cassette tape encased in industrial grade concrete, crafted in an edition of 100.

“You hold in your hand a concrete brick, inside of which there is music. The only way to hear the music contained within is to crack it, but to do so puts the music itself at risk. By your own actions you can either free the music or render it forever unlistenable. Or, you can leave it in its present state where it only has the potential to become music. The musicability of the concrete is entirely in your hands.”