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Photographer: Izzy Berdan
Model: Aaron Foster
Please do not remove credit


Holy mother of fuck you.

I’m not normally a fan of that many tattoos (especially neck and hand tattoos), but holy god those are some stunning photos of a very pretty man.

Well fuck… I used to play a tattoo’d archery super hero in City of Heroes for six years and if I had known about Aaron Foster back then, he would have been my FC.  This is so perfect!! :D

Independent Market Review of NCSoft & the closure of Paragon Studios

I thought THIS was a very interesting article taking a look at the closure of Paragon Studios & City of Heroes, and its effect on NCSoft. It’s hampered a little by lack of insider information (limiting its scope to publicly available sources), but is quite insightful.

Especially this part;

While NCSoft is covered largely by EULA statements, there are potential avenues for cases for fraud being brought against NCSoft in the case of long term advance subscription purchases.  By allowing for Paragon Studios to continue work on expansion content, heavily advertising that content, and releasing new content, it is reasonable to assume many paying customers were doing so with the expectation of being able to play said content.  If it could be shown NCSoft intended to do this in advance intentionally allowing Paragon to continue with the expectation of offering time on new releases (example: Guild Wars 2) as compensation, ‘bait and switch’ related fraud charges might be successfully applied in US and UK courts.

I’ll continue to watch what happens around City of Heroes and the community efforts to save it with interest…